Weapons' design may change from time to time from the photos on this web site, without notice because we are constantly improving on designs.

Battlefield Sports is not a Franchise, unlike a franchise, with Battlefield Sports™ the owner can operate his/her business in any way he/she sees fit. No guarantee of success is implicitly or explicitly indicated by Battlefieldsports.com or any of its employees. All business carries some financial risk, so a decision by a person to purchase Battlefield Sports™ ' equipment from us should be carefully considered including gaining advice from independent experts, since Battlefieldsports.com takes no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur from the use of this equipment for commercial or private purposes.

Because Battlefieldsports.com is not a franchise, it is incumbent upon the purchaser to do his/her research into the local legal situation,  appropriate corporate structure and financial arrangements.   Consideration should also be given by the purchaser into the most effective way to promote outdoor Battlefield LIVE to the surrounding community.  Through experience gained from operating www.battlefieldlive.com.au, Battlefield Sports can provide valuable assistance through our consultancy service, but each community is different, so the purchaser will need to refine his/her own marketing strategy.

"To win without fighting is the supreme skill" - Sun Tzu.

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