Zap Laser Games
M25 junction 25, Enfield, Broxbourne Hertfordshire , England 01707 660 088

With Zap Combat you'll experience laser games like no other, full of exciting missions & heart-stopping scenarios – running & gunning or playing the stealth game, it is your choice how you play.

Laser tag gives you the same thrill of the hunt as paintball, but you won't need a mask or goggles as there are no projectiles being fired, just harmless infra-red beams very much like a powerful TV remote.

There's no danger to your eyes from the beams so you don't need any protection. We kit you out with your equipment, your laser gun and hat with sensors that detects if you have been hit.

We have got a choice of state of the art laser tag gaming guns – you choose the one that suits you, and an added benefit of laser combat guns is their accuracy – basically if you can see your target you can hit it (if your aim is half decent anyway!).

You do not need to worry about ammunition either – our laser guns can be set to have unlimited ammunition, meaning you will not have to pay for each trigger pull – so you can go mad zapping your mates and make sure you sre the last one standing at the end of your game.

Grab your friends, family or work colleagues and book your laser combat with Zap Combat today.

We take our fun seriously!

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