Merrill Dunes
P O Box 6001 or 457 Merrill Lane, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 4E4

We have run laser guns for about 6 years. When you book a time, you know that we will deliver the event. The staff will be ready. And the equipment and the facility and the know-how is in place to Make it Happen! o have fun at laser tag, you need lots of room to run around on and you need lots of obstacles to hide behind. So when you come to Merrill Dunes, you have lots of space and lots of obstacles and we do not split the facility up into tiny fields.

po field we are aware of has as advanced a laser game system as the Dunes. The Australian SATR laser guns are marvels of design and combined with our own field system, we have a Winner.

Alternative Battlefield Locations