Hard Knocks
Suite 1025 Dot Com Court, Oviedo , Florida 32765

Beyond Laser Tag: Your Indoor War - Hard Knocks The nation's first indoor combat simulation arenas open for entertainment, corporate team building and law enforcement training.
Featuring 30,000 square feet of urban-themed combat area and Florida's largest, most advanced Gaming Lounge. Our customers execute missions that challenge them to defuse bombs, rescue hostages, protect VIPs and eradicate the enemy.

Hard Knocks has set the bar high when it comes to the latest in Xtreme sports. Combat is now an athletic event, perfect for recreational customers, corporate team-building, bachelor parties, youth groups and law enforcement training.

Building upon the base aspects of paintball, Airsoft and laser tag, our brand of combat delivers a sophisticated combat experience unrivaled by alternative combat solutions in the market. The following pages will demonstrate how we are able to execute the most sophisticated indoor combat engagements in a realistic and pain-free environment.

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